Welcome to Cable-Com Solutions, we are a forward thinking technology solutions provider specializing in Structured Cabling, Telco services including VOIP, PBX and Key systems; and peripheral services such as Security and CCTV, Entry Systems, Alarm and Paging services and even Home and Office Theater systems for the Small, Medium and Large business applications.

Cable-Com has created a team which brings together decades of experience combined with a keen understanding of current evolving technology, but also current budget restraints in this economy.

We are confident that with our experience and knowledge of the industry, we can seamlessly integrate new technology into your workplace to make your company more efficient.


Why risk losing you important business information or ability to communicate with your customers?
For only $9.99 per day Cable-Com as your technology partner can ensure your server business data is safe and your phone systems are reliable. Contact Us.
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Are you ready to start saving 25% to 50% off your current telephone carrier bill?
Cable-Com will show you how for free. Contact Us.
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Who is watching out for your business when you can?t be there?
Cable-Com can show you how. Contact Us.
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